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Miku Real Japanese

Learn REAL, AUTHENTIC, PRACTICAL Japanese to express yourself and connect with people!

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What you will learn with this course

After finishing this course, you will be more confident about speaking Japanese, you will know how to talk casually with your friends, how to express yourself in Japanese!!

What people say♡


"I really enjoy listening to the shadowing audios! They are a great help to me! I get to enunciate better when I shadow and I also understand better through all this listening practice. These materials are awesome for busy people like me. They're easy to use and the lessons are very enjoyable. I've learned so much!"

Language Student

"I am really enjoying the lessons. Miku always has a perfect balance of technical info, helpful tips, and humor. Japanese is definitely a hard language, but she makes it much easier. I work in an American branch of a Japanese company, and these lessons have helped me understand my Japanese colleagues a lot better, literally and culturally!"

Greg L.
Working Professional

"I really appreciate that Miku explains the nuances, how people feel when you use this or that expression, and when to use certain constructs. It's those sorts of details which are hard to find in traditional textbooks."

Marc M.
Langauge Student

"These shadowing audio products are so so useful! 20 years of study and most of these examples I have never come across in books. These are the kinds of things I need to learn. Miku REAL JAPANESE lives up to its name. Thank you, Miku."

Julie H.
Living in Japan

Become FLUENT FAST with me!

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4 English/Japanese shadowing audios (Each audio 30-50 minutes long) per month

3-4 Only Japanese audio / month 

4 PDF / month 


Get access to 135 audios NOW!


63 English/Japanese shadowing audios

63 Only Japanese audios

9 verb conjugation audios

135 PDF with vocabulary / Japanese sentences with Kanji /Hiragana


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can stop the subscription anytime and you won't be charged the next month. 

YES, unfortunately you will lose access to all the content both on the App and the website once you stop the subscription 

BUT you can download all the content you paid for from the website, so you can still listen to them on your devices.

Yes. If you buy the whole course, you will have life time access ↓These 2 

❶ Shadowing Audio Masterclass (Get access to all 135 audios NOW!)  

❷ WITHOUT BASIC AUDIOS (Get access to 75 audios NOW)

And if you complete the 18 months subscription, I will also give you life-time access to the website and App.

* BUT if you stop the subscription before unlocking all the audios for 18 month, you will lose access to all content, both on website and App.

(You can download audios that are already unlocked)

Yes. You can download all the audios and PDF from this website and listen to audios offline while doing anything!!


  1. If you bought the whole course, you don't have to do anything. 
  2. But if you are paying monthly for the subscription, please stop the subscription when you unlocked all the content for 18 months (Don't worry. If you forget it, we will stop your payment on our end.)
  3. Once you stop the payment, first you will lose access to the content, but we will change the setting and make sure you will have life-time access! (If you complete 18 months)

You can click you profile → "Setting" → "Billing info" → "Cancel" 


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